You can put your Rand’s to work by donating money to Huis Ebenhaeser.

Monetary donations help pay for the costs of hosting a family, paying for the electricity bill, covering the costs of vaccinations, and for providing meals and educating all of our residents. We make sure every cent is spent wisely and thank you for trusting us with your monetary donations.


Volunteers are a very valuable asset to Huis Ebenhaeser, and you can volunteer with us in a variety of ways.

Our Home welcomes health care professionals, individuals that want to spend time with the children, and those who just want to provide maintenance services for the grounds. Volunteers are needed for a variety of jobs and tasks, and every hour counts!   


Huis Ebenhaeser relies on support from the community and in particular from individuals and businesses.  You can help us fulfill our mission to provide high quality care for these children by making a donation of goods, food or volunteering your time.



Huis Ebenhaeser relies on your support. You can donate by bringing your donation to our premises or depositing a donation directly into our bank account

Huis Ebenhaeser is a place where children from all ethnic and social backgrounds can grow and learn to love and trust. At our home, the parents serve as positive role models, fostering an atmosphere that encourages children to grow and become a part of a family.

Huis Ebenhaeser is not supported by government funding so we rely solely on our donors and volunteers to help us fulfill our mission.

Please visit our Donate page to find out how you can help these